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The OC Foundation of Western PA can help you find treatment from local individual mental health care professionals as well as intensive treatment programs. So that you can find the best treatment provider for your situation, we ask that you read the information provided on this page prior to clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. These links will provide you the list of active local IOCDF professional members or a list of intensive treatment programs.

  • Many people benefit from the use of medication in their treatment. Medication for OCD will most likely be prescribed by a psychiatrist [MD] although some people receive medication care from their primary care doctor. These medication issues can be complex in the treatment of OCD and you may want to seek a psychiatrist who has specialized expertise in OCD and OC Spectrum Disorders. Medication alone, however, is rarely sufficient by itself in treating OCD.

  • The expert consensus guidelines indicate that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) especially a technique called Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) is the most effective form of behavioral therapy for OCD and most OC Spectrum Disorders. This is specialized therapy that not every mental health care provider can provide. Additional behavioral therapy techniques often enhance the therapeutic process. Psychologists [PhD, PsyD], Social Workers [LCSW, MSW], Nurses [RN] and Mental Health Counselors [LPC, NCC, MSCP, MSEd] can offer behavioral therapy. Some psychiatrists [MD] also offer psychotherapy for their OCD patients.

  • The OC Foundation of Western PA recommends that you spend the time to investigate any potential treatment provider to ensure that you will receive effective mental health care for your disorder.  You have the right to ask any potential health care provider questions. IT IS YOUR HEALTH. You need to establish trust with your mental health care provider(s) as the therapy you are about to enter is not an easy process. Feel free to inquire as to how much of the psychiatrist’s or therapist’s practice is dedicated to OCD. Therapists should provide CBT/ERP at a minimum. You can ask questions to ensure that the provider you choose is adequately trained to help you get your OCD under control. ERP requires additional training beyond the formal graduate training of therapists, either through an internship in an OCD program, continuing education courses- such as the Behavior Therapy Institute (BTI) offered by the IOCDF or a supervision relationship with an experienced OCD therapist. A guide to “Find the Right Therapist”, including a list of suggested questions to ask is available on the IOCDF Website.

Individual Mental Health Care Professionals listed on this website have expressed an interest in treating individuals with OCD. The listing of a treatment provider is not an endorsement, but merely a source listing of individuals who have indicated they treat OCD. Neither the OC Foundation of Western PA nor the International OCD Foundation has investigated these individuals. The International OCD Foundation, Inc. and the OC Foundation of Western PA do not recommend or endorse the competence or expertise of any individual mental health professional listed. The OC Foundation of Western PA maintains this list of mental health professionals with an active membership in the International OCD Foundation at the professional level practicing within our service area, defined by zip codes 15000-16999. Additional treatment providers outside of this limited area can be found on the IOCDF website. The OC Foundation of Western PA makes every effort to ensure that the information listed here is accurate and complete but if you are experiencing difficulty with any listing on this website, please contact Elaine Davis, PhD.

Intensive Treatment Programs are also available for OCD. These treatment programs are not necessarily offered only for difficult or severe cases of OCD, but can be a beneficial way to concentrate on getting better quickly. Many of these programs offer both individual and group therapy for several hours per day, several days per week although each program may differ in their format for intensive treatment. Locally, two intensive outpatient programs for OCD are available for either adults or children/adolescents at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. While these local programs have been highly recommended by many of our members who have graduated from these programs, we have also provided a list of additional programs which may provide care for people who for one reason or another cannot attend the local programs or you live outside our region or country . Again, this list is not exhaustive nor have we investigated these programs and do not endorse or recommend any program listed here. We simply offer this list of programs and ask you to determine if they would be a benefit to you.

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