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The OC Foundation of Western PA sends out announcements concerning issues important to the OCD community regardless of membership status in the International OCD Foundation. We make every attempt to limit activity to no more than one email per month, although at times, we will send additional emails for timely issues. Your email address will be kept confidential and we do not share, sell or distribute any personal information with other foundations, companies or individuals.

The OC Foundation of Western PA maintains a separate email list for mental health professionals as some announcements pertain to issues concerning this section of the OCD community. If you are a practicing mental health professional, please provide us with this information to receive these additional announcements.

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The OC Foundation of Western PA is affiliated with the International OCD Foundation
Obsessive Compulsive Foundation of Western PA, PO Box 81648, Pittsburgh, PA  15217
(412) END OCD 1 (412) 363-6231
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